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Buying New Homes in St. Louis: Noteworthy Market Predictions for 2015

Those who are planning to sell or flip their homes for a profit are looking at a potential improvement in home sales this 2015. Are you one of them?

Chief economist Brad Hunter of Metrostudy believes that the selling season of 2015 will be stronger than last year. This forecast is fueled primarily by continuing consumer confidence and job growth, with mortgage accessibility coming in as a secondary key factor. Hunter’s prediction seems to be accurate so far. The St. Louis Federal Reserve reported that existing home sales increased 4.7 percent in February 2015 compared to the same month a year earlier.

Rosy Outlook for Selling

Recent trends indicate that houses are selling within a shorter time and that prices are improving. The recent turn of events certainly favors anyone who wishes to sell their current home and in turn buy new homes in St. Louis, MO. New home sales across the country increased 8.8 percent according to U.S. Census Bureau data in December 2014.

Getting Your Asking Price

Flower and Fendler Custom Homebuilders, Custom home builders in St. Louis, helps make sure your current home sells and that you are able to get proper direction on purchasing a new home. We partner with a re-sale broker to provide guidance on the purchase process.

In addition, Flower and Fender will also allow you to write an offer for a new home that is contingent on the sale of your existing home. In other words, you have flexibility that is not always available on the resale market with the added advantage that your next home will be new. You will get exactly what you want without as much stress on timing.

With the home resale process getting better and faster, new home sales are likely to benefit as well. Will you be part of the trend?

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