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Two New Off-Site Custom St. Louis Homes are in the Works

Here at Flower and Fendler Custom Homebuilders, we have many choices for those looking to buy new homes in St. Louis. We have different home plans where customers start deciding how their homes will be built. For those who prefer not to wait, we have move-in-ready homes as well. In addition, we have a great selection of communities that offer prime locations for living.

As prime home builders in St. Louis, we love to work with our customers and witness their satisfaction when they ultimately move into their new homes.  We also recognize that each buyer has different preferences. There are some who may prefer to live in a non-subdivision setting. This is why we will build homes outside our community choices—what we call off-site homes. Flower and Fendler has built many custom homes in off-site locations, including historical-themed homes in the St. Louis downtown area and luxury homes in Kirkwood.

We also buy off-site lots in many ideal infill locations around the St. Louis area on a regular basis. We keep an inventory of these for interested customers. Like within our community homes, prospective owners have the option to build according to our home plans, construct a modified version of those plans, or go with a completely different plan. We also regularly look for new lot options, even those not listed for sale, in off-site areas.

Currently, we are planning two additional off-site custom homes located in the western area of St. Louis County. They will further increase choices for potential home buyers. We also work closely with customers to iron out details about what they want for their new homes, including colors, orientations, features, and much more.

We love to present as many choices as possible for customers seeking home builders in St. Louis. For more information about off-site homes, proceed to